sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

Live and be Glee

I love Glee! I love watching them and singing their hearts out! I think life should be a show everyday! The music is a peacefully way to let our feelings fly! I love dancing, singing and acting, though no camera's on me! Only God's watching. I am a little of drama queen but in a lovely simply way... Expressing yourself through music is a beautiful thing. We all should be abble to do it time to time. I support every form of letting feelings flow on a harmless way, indeed. Glee makes me happy like when I was younger and I believed everything could happen. Now I know for sure I am responsable for thing to be. I make things happen. And I invite you to do it too! Just try, one song at a time to let what you're feeling go! It's heaven on earth. Never be ashamed of yourself. You are unique and no one can play your role in this life. So choose who to be and sing along... of course always living Glee!

Lots of love!

Love in me...

Mars Of Hearts

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  1. te he dejado un comentario en la publicacion de express yourself ;)
    And I think what you've written is very true :)
    (I also like to singing, dancing:) and playing guitar :P)