domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Finding yourself in this world...

Sundays make me think too much. I love thinking about everything. I think of simple things and the most complicated ones! I always find myself looking inside of me on Sundays. You have to be strong enough to look inside... you may find things you don't like. But the best thing is you hace the power to change them. I admmit not everyone has what it takes to change, too many excuses, right? But I don't do that. I try as hard as I can to be the woman I am. I accept myself now. I denied me for too long. Always trying to be someone else. And I didn't notice I already have everything I needed to be that special person I dreamed about for so many nights! I hope my words "click" your mind to think but not just with mind but with your soul too. The soul is the shiny spark that reveals the real you. Be more soul and think more with it! Your life will change and it will be just as you wished it was.
Well, remember to love everyone and to make a difference in someone else life... it all comes back!

Love in me...

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